Why Us
Asc Services Has 8 Super Reasons

ASC Services has 8 "SUPER" reasons for you to choose our cleaning services in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory.


Super industry staff

Our greatest cleaning asset is our dedicated staff. We only hire experienced and multifaceted local cleaners. Our cleaning supervisors are passionate about delivering results that not just meet but exceed your expectations. All our cleaning staffs have to pass our stringent safety check before being assigned to a cleaning job.


Super Client First Approach

At ASC Services, you – our clients come first. We believe in providing not just timely and efficient cleaning service, we also provide you total transparency and control over of the cleaning job you have ordered. You will find no surprise other than ”Supper” clean premises.


Super Quality Management

“Supper Quality” is our strength and our motto. ASC Services’ result oriented cleaning staff believes in delivering job after job with the same master precision and cleaning consistency that would leave you amazed every time. This is achieved by our multi-tiered compliance system, which is designed specifically to achieve Total Quality at affordable rates.


Super Time-Management

Your time is our priority. We provide 24 hours cleaning services. This means that unlike other cleaning companies, you choose the cleaning schedule, not us. Our supervisors and managers manage each job with our sophisticated scheduled job allocation system. This results in timely delivery and on-time completion of the cleaning assignment.


Super Account Login

With our latest addition – “Super Client Portal System or SCPS,” you can get a quote; order and track a cleaning job; find out who is cleaning your premises; set multi-premises & scheduled cleaning services; instantly contact the supervisor or manager in-charge of your premises; view and pay your invoices online; provide valuable feedback and much more. Find out more by registering today.


Super range of services

ASC Services provide wide range of cleaning services to suit every business’s needs. Our clients can be anyone ranging from a small retailer to a large multi-story CBD complex. ASC Services is capable of handling variety of specialist services such as Hospital & Clinic Cleaning Services to heavy industry cleaning. We are able to customise and tailor-make our services just for you. For full range of our cleaning services, click here


Super Technology

Achieving best cleaning result is not just about the personnel but also about the tools. At Alpha Supper Cleaning Services, we only use the latest technology to give you the best looking premises every time. Our cleaning equipment is tested and serviced before every use and undergoes a scheduled rigorous off-site checking process. Our cleaning agents are not just the best for your premises but are also environmentally friendly.


Because we care!

Last but the most important, unlike any other cleaning companies, ASC Services are committed to care for your needs. Your premise is not just a cleaning job for us, but is also a matter of reputation. We believe that our job is your image in public and we make it our responsibility to present the public a squeaky clean image of your business. Doing all this with utmost care of your assets and your property.

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