Our Story

ASC's Mission Statement:

ASC Service's mission is to uphold its motto "Cleaning With Care" by meeting and exceeding client's expectations by providing best in practice cleaning and property management services with utmost care. We strive daily to support, empower and provide safe, clean and positive work environment for our employees.

ASC's Vision Statement:

Our vision is to provide superior service than that of our competitors. We envision diversifying our cleaning business and becoming the most valued company in the industry. By achieving our vision we know that we will achieve:

  1. Improved sustained quality on which our customers can depend on
  2. Provide affordable solutions for all budgets
  3. Increased customer retention and satisfaction
  4. Build sustainable enhanced opportunities for employees
  5. Establish as safe service provider and ourselves as a highly trusted that every client wants in their building.

Our Core Values:

Our values define who we are.

We put Clients First. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes this means that we constantly search and provide most fitting solutions by improving quality and efficacy of our services. This is how we exceed our client’s expectations.

One team, One Goal is what you will see when you deal with us. Though behind the scene we have a complex but a seamless chain of command of sub-contractors, employees, supervisors, managers, contract administrators and accountants, you will never have to deal with individuals, you always deal with a team, a team that is dedicated to deliver the goal of delivering best cleaning services.

Value of Innovation is instilled in each team member of ASC Services. We believe in delivering tailor-made services for your business and this cannot be done without innovative practices. One such example is our “Supper Client Portal System.”

Integrity is one of our core values. We strive to combine honesty with safety. Which brings us to our next value: Safety with Care. We take your and our employee’s safety very seriously. Every employee goes through AFP security checks, which are updated periodically. This in long run builds trust with our clients and also keeps our staff on their toes.

Finally, Accountability and Responsibility are looked for and installed from the very beginning. We train our staff regularly and make sure that every person including the directors of our company take accountability of each job that is accepted by ASC Services. The buck stops with the first point of contact that you make.


Like any new small venture, ASC Services started with a small setup, small capital and a small team. Our directors and founders along with the strong core values and clear vision, soon won trust of major companies like Nexus Cleaning, Spotless, Academy, Gold Class, Command Cleaning, Emerald Gap and Grabbles Cleaning to name a few. In a small time span of four years ASC Services have established itself as one of the major Cleaning Services Provider in Queensland, South Australia and in Northern Territory. From a very small team, ASC Services have become a large family of cleaners, sub-contactors and mangers.


At ASC Services, our philosophy towards future is what we make of our present. We strive to continuously work towards achieving our vision of becoming the best in the industry. Our personnel undergo continuous improvement training and we place strong emphasis of implementing client feedback. This will shape ASC’s future and we are sure that you will not just witness but play an important part in seeing us at the top.

Logistically, we are always looking for new opportunities to diversify our services and expand our service areas. We are growing geographically as well establishing new contacts in various parts of Australia. We will soon expand our services in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and in Australian Capital Territory. Watch this space for more exciting news.

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